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Advance Hematology Analyzer

  • Up to 110 samples per hour
  • Autoloader can load 50 sample tubes
  • Including NRBC with every CBC
  • SF Cube three-dimension counting method for WBC 5-part, RET and NRBC, up to 37 reportable parameters and 29 research parameters
  • 3 WBC channels contrastive analysis to get more accurate flag and WBC result for abnormal cells
  • Optional Optical-PLT counting when large PLT or small RBC exists
  • More reliable WBC result from avoiding the interference of NRBC
  • Wide linearity range can count high value samples without dilution
  • Both touch screen and PC operation to enhance convenience
  • Recommended and customizable decision rules to re-exam abnormal samples
  • Body fluid analysis, 7 reportable parameters and 11 research parameters
  • Minimal aspiration sample volume , 80uL in whole blood mode,20ul in pre-dilute mode
  • New working procedure brings efficiency by the software labxpert
  • Single aspiration pathway

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Successful miniiSED® Launch!



STAT results in 15 seconds

Faster turnaround time and delivery of patient results

Results unaffected by external factors

Accurate and reliable data

Compact size

Occupies minimal space on the lab bench

Primary tube analyzer

No need to transfer sample to dedicated tubes

Test credits never expire

No need for disposable tubes that expire

Direct measurement of the RBC

Results not affected by HCT and MCV


Human based controls

Non-latex material with an 18-month shelf life, no refrigeration and 31-day open vial stability

100ul Sample size

Fewer QNS issues and fewer re-draws

Free online QA program

Real-time QC peer program with Levy Jennings reports

Proficiency tests available

CAP and API proficiency kits available

Minimal preventative maintenance

No external calibrators needed

User-Friendly interface

Easy to read and use LCD screen


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Karwa SARS CoV-2 IgG ELISA kit

SARS CoV-2 IgG Elisa kit is intended for qualitative detection of IgG antibodies in serum/plasma of patients presenting clinical signs and symptoms consistent with SARS CoV-2 infection.